The Benefits of Elevated Dog Beds

With the winter months upon us now and the summer months coming soon you might be trying to figure out how you can help keep your little furry friends stay warm or cool. I know that my dogs like to try to get off of the floor in the winter because of the coldness of the floor. I know that my dogs are always trying to climb into my bed with me or onto my furniture. However, I do not let them up on the furniture or bed with me because of how much they shed.
To help combat them getting into my bed or onto my furniture I found them an elevated bed. The elevated bed will manage to help keep your dog off of the floor which will keep them away from the cold air that is always found on the floor in winter. These beds also tend to be a lot stronger than the classic ones. In summer you can set up a fan or get air circulating under the bed as well to help cool off your dog. I know that the elevated bed that I use for my dogs was custom made for me and is about six inches off of the floor. The six inches allows them to hop into the bed and the little dog has to jump into the bed if he wants in.

However, the larger dogs do not like sharing the bed with him so they typically do not let him stay in the bed.

With the elevated bed that I have it was made with sides that are about a foot tall so that helps block out any unwanted air flow. Then to help make the bed even more comfortable I put in a large dog bed. The large dog bed provides extra padding since the bed is made out of plywood and it also makes the dog bed more comfortable for them to lie on. The extra bed also allows for extra warmth in the winter months. Then if I want to change out the bed in the summer months to something a little bit cooler I can.

If your dog does not like the cold weather of winter or the hot weather of summer then you will want to look at getting them an elevated bed. I know that the elevated bed helps get my dog off of the cold floor in winter, and come summer time I am able to place a fan around it to get air flow under the bed to help cool him. Elevated beds are great for your dog and if you want to help make them comfortable then you can also add in extra beds.

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