Five Manly Dogs

Want a dog?
Want a ‘real’ dog and not some Paris Hilton accessory?

Want a dag that will keep those ‘pesky’ neighbor kids of your lawn?

Look no further, below are the five manliest dogs, sure to make robbers steer well clear of your house while being a great way to meet young ladies. After all, only a real man can handle that 100 pound beast of a half wolf, right? Remember to get good advice on dog-training and the proper training equipment unless you want to end up with more lawsuits than Michael Jackson.

Ok, enough introductions, without further here are the manliest dogs on the planet:

Japanese Ainu

This Japanese dog is as close to owning a real wild dog or wolf as you will possibly get unless you move to Alaska. The original Samurai dog, only half domesticated, this dog is known to get fiercely loyal to only one person and even then will need very strict training to keep in line. Known to show its loyalty to its owner by howling like a wolf. It tolerates other dogs very poorly and is known to disappear for months at the time, then suddenly appearing when all hope seemed out, sporting a dozen new battle scars and a half-chewed cat in its jaws.

The Dobbermann

A packed, muscular chest on long, slender limbs, the Dobbermann seems built to run, jump, and pin down whatever gets in its way. Trained properly though, this amazing breed of the Great Dane and the Rottweiler will be a great family dog and guard dog.

German Sheppard

A safe choice on a list like this, the German Sheppard is a great mix of brains and muscle. Patient and good-natured with family members, and vicious to trespassers, this dog is a great compromise between man-dog and family dog.

Don’t worry though, the German Sheppard will still make enough noise to scare the likes of Bart Simpson away.

The Great Dane

Not a particularly dangerous or aggressive dog, the Great Dane earns a spot on this list for simply being an awesome creature of nature (and some not so good-natured breeding). As tall as a pony and twice as hungry, this is definitely the dog you want to get if you dislike your mailman. Also serves as a last resource plow-animal if needed.

Samoyed Dog

The Samoyed is the classic snow sleigh dragging dog of the polar expeditions. The Samoyed is a pack dog though so be sure to make yourself the alpha dog of the group.

There you have it! Five manly dogs ready to wreak mayhem and fear on unsuspecting bystanders! (Disclaimer – Wreaking mayhem and fear is wrong)

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