How to Introduce a New Dog into Your Home

What should you do to introduce a new dog into your home? There are two steps to follow. First prepare the house with everything you are going to need right away. Second, condition your new dog to feel welcome the moment he comes into your home. This before-and-after introduction method is simple and guaranteed to make a new dog feel welcome in his new home.

What You Should do Before You Introduce a New Dog Into Your Home:

Make sure you have the basic necessities to ease the introduction of your new dog into your home. Begin by getting a collar and leash (unless one will be provided at the time of adoption). This way you can bring your dog home safely, even if your car happens to break down on the way.

For food and water, set aside a bowl of water and a dish for food. And buy two or three kinds of dog food, in small bags, so your new dog can choose a favorite (one that he likes and can digest easily). It’s a good idea to buy some wet dog food as well, to mix in with dry food; unless you intend to mix a little human food with your new dog’s dry food.

For your dog’s comfort, buy him a dog bed and begin by positioning it in the room of choice. This is the room that you will spend the first few hours as you begin to introduce your new dog into your home. By limiting the area the pet will be exposed to, you will be giving your new dog an opportunity to start feeling at welcome right away.

Buy one soft, squeaky dog toy to have something to play with, as your new dog is introduced to the home environment. Also buy a sweater to fit your new dog’s size. The excitement of entering a new home can make your new dog feel too cold or too cold. For the former the sweater is an excellent solution. For the latter, cold water is enough to help your new dog cool down.

What You Should Do After You Introduce a new Dog Into Your Home:

Begin by resting with your new dog in the room of choice. Then start the new-dog-tour to help introduce your dog to the rest of the house. Pick up your dog, if he is small, or lead him by a leash from room to room. Go slowly and speak in a welcoming voice, describing to your dog the room that you are entering. Turn on the lights and show the dog that you are there with them, to protect them. But that, at the same time, there is nothing to fear in his new home. Repeat this new-dog-tour to introduce your dog to every room repeatedly, until he begins to feel welcome in his new home. You might have to repeat the new dog tour for a few days, before your new dog’s introduction to the home is complete.